About Me


The list of things I said I’d never do (that I’ve actually done) is really long. Includes things like: marry anyone from Ohio, own a chihuahua, be a wedding photographer, get married before age 30, have a daughter obsessed with pink, understand the “Plant Lady” thing, eat sushi again (after a bad experience), drive a mini-van…or kiss a man until my wedding day (conservative homeschooler much?)


I’ve really got to stop saying “I’ll never” “I don’t want” or “I won’t.”

To my credit. I don’t drive a mini-van. But if a Buick Enclave was involved in a crime and a witness had to describe it based on just a glimpse…they’d probably say it was a mini-van.

And so here I am. Lyndsey Garber, age 29, married 8 years to a man from Ohio, with two kids, a chihuahua, and a mommy-blog.

Between being an Enneagram type 8 and having a “shout everything from the rooftops” personality it might look a lot like rants about Janet (see this post). Or bragging on my latest and greatest Amazon Prime delivered gadget. (Could be anything from Veggie Choppers to Dead Cat Microphone thingys.)

Basically…I’ll be sharing things as it pertains to my life as a cowboy’s wife, ranch kid mama, and rural homemaker.

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