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The Mommy-Blog I Said I’d Never Have

The Mommy-Blog I Said I Would Never Have

The list of things I said I’d never do (that I’ve actually done) is really long. Includes things like: marry anyone from Ohio, own a chihuahua, be a wedding photographer, get married before age 30, have a daughter obsessed with pink, understand the “Plant Lady” thing, eat sushi again (after a bad experience), drive a mini-van…or kiss a man until my wedding day (conservative homeschooler much?)

And last but, not least… “I WILL NEVER HAVE A MOMMY-BLOG.”

I’ve really got to stop saying “I’ll never” “I don’t want” or “I won’t.”

To my credit. I don’t drive a mini-van. But if a Buick Enclave was involved in a crime and a witness had to describe it based on just a glimpse…they’d probably say it was a mini-van.

And so here I am. Lyndsey Garber, age 29, married 8 years to a man from Ohio, with two kids, a chihuahua, and a mommy-blog.

I really don’t want to call it that. But I don’t know what else to call it. I’m a mom. I am blogging. I think (subject to change) it’s just going to be the “headquarters” of sharing all the things I do and say. Because my loudmouth personality that thinks the whole wide world wants to know everything I’m doing and saying…all day every day. (Sorry @callmelynz Instagram followers.)

But seriously. I am blessed to be living a life that is all I ever hoped and dreamed of. As a result, it’s awful fun to share it with you.

Not many can say that. So let’s take a moment to acknowledge that God is so so good. (What? You thought just because I kissed a boy before we said “I Do” meant I’d decided to throw my whole faith away?)

Obviously, my life is not perfect.

But you know what is? My Roomba vacuum. Hallelujah Praise Jesus! If you are a house-wife or house-anything and you do not have one…I am very sad for you.

I digress.

This actually isn’t my first blog or “publication.”

I’ve always been a “busy” individual. My parents believed in childhood boredom and letting their six kids find ways to entertain themselves. Which meant at an early age I wrote books. I’d type up pages and pages and pages and I had piles of floppy-disks titled “My Books.”

I just knew I was going to be a famous writer someday. Forget the fact that spelling and grammar were my most hated subjects…second only to math.

Between the ages of about 8-12…I frequently “published” a newsletter, complete with about 17 real subscribers. It had indexes, page numbers, sections for art, sometimes a guest writer, a list of prayer requests, updates on the weather. It even had ads and a classifieds section. It was all handwritten, handcrafted and designed with love. Once the master copy was complete, my dad would let me take it down to the clinic (he’s a veterinarian) and run off off a bunch of copies.

I still remember the feeling I had as a kid walking into the post office and pushing my stack of newsletters through that little slot and out into the world.

In the early days of Blogger mine was called “Country Daydreams” and no one read it.

And then I discovered photography, put my writing career on hold, and changed the trajectory of my life.

As a result, I became @lyndseygarber, a ranch wedding and cowboy lifestyle photographer.

I threw my heart and soul into my career as a photographer. I did, however, faithfully blog my photoshoots. I loved getting to know my clients on a deeper level so that when I posted their sneak-peek blog I could write a fun and meaningful story to go with the post. And it reached a point where at the end of a session my couples would often say, “We can’t wait to see what you write about us, and the pictures of course!”

I do still love writing. I love writing content to social media. I love sharing what I’m excited about. I the love conversations it starts. I love styling photos for blogs. I love sharing the adorableness of my kids riding the mini-horse. I love my own love story (which I will write and share here someday.) I love a new entrepreneurial challenge. I love real life friendships built through online platforms. I love my Apple Watch.

And so, without further ado…

Welcome to “Call Me Lynz.” The Mommy-Blog I said I would never have.

Ps. My grammar, spelling, and punctuation still no good. But at least now we have Grammarly.

Ps. #2 “Lynz” because that’s what all my friends called me. And it’s how I signed all my childhood newsletters. 

*Disclosure: Keeping it real around here. Sometimes (not always) the links in my posts are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. You will never get charged extra through affiliate links…and sometimes you’ll even get a discount! BUT you can always trust that I link these products or companies only because I BOUGHT them with real money and USE them in real life…and not because of any commission I may or may not receive from your purchases. Whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Call Me Lynz

Lyndsey Garber

I’m Lyndsey Garber, but you can call me Lynz. This is where I overshare life with my cowboy and the kids we made. Next Adventure » Walmart Pickup




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