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Ways I Use My Apple Watch

I can’t go anywhere (or show a glimpse of it on social media) without someone asking me how I like my Apple Watch. Which usually segues onto “Is it worth the money?”

For me, it was worth single every stinking penny.

I do have to preface this by telling you that, other than a (crappy) early model Fitbit, I have owned no other brand of smart watch. Neither have I had any desire to own anything else (#teamapple)

When they came out with their first Apple Watch. in 2015 I got myself the 1st Gen and have (literally) worn it every day since. 4 years later and the thing has never hiccuped once. Gold 42mm “Sport” version, model MLC72LL/A if you must know.

If we’ve made it this far in the conversation folks usually want to know, “What does it do?” Or “What do you use it for?”

Ways I Use My Apple Watch.

Ways I use my apple watch both daily and as a professional photographer…

Ways I Use My Apple Watch

On the daily, I use it to:

  • Obviously, see Date & Time
  • Check the current outside temp and weather forecast
  • See when Sunrise/Sunset is
  • Track my Workouts
  • Answer/Make Calls
  • Read, write & respond to texts and messages (hands-free)
  • See important client email notifications
  • Amazon Prime shipping/delivery tracking
  • Target sale alerts (I should turn this one off)
  •  Managing whatever podcast, audiobook, or playlist I have going on my wireless headphones

HEY SIRI everything…

“Hey Siri…”
  • “Remind me in 50 minutes to move laundry”
  • “Add chicken to my Costco List”
  • “Remind me at 3:30 to call Doctor”
  • “Add Amy’s Graduation to May 21 in my calendar”
  • “Turn on my 6:00am alarm”
  • “Call Nelson”
  • “Remind me in 3 days to water herbs”
  • “Text Mom, Meet you at the front.”
  • “Change Wyatt’s Diaper for me” (I wish)
  • “Set Timer for 17 minutes”

Basically, Siri pretty much keeps my life together.

As a wedding photographer:

  • Screening Calls/Texts: Is it the Wedding Planner or a spam call?
  • “Hey Siri Text Nelson, Please bring my flash equipment to the bridal suite ASAP.”
  • View & Track Wedding Day Timelines/Schedules
  • Get Reminders and prompts like, “20 minutes til Ceremony” and “Send 2nd to Groomsmen Prep”
  • Can quickly reference my Evernotes that include: FOB Name, Family Photo Combinations List, Important Vendor Contact Info, etc.
  • Make Voice Memos: Throughout the wedding day I’m asking the names and contact info of the other wedding vendors so I can be sure and credit/tag them in the photo previews. But I am terrible at remembering. So I’ll sometimes make a quick voice memo.
  • Weather Updates & Notifications: My favorite weather app is called “Dark Sky” and it is awesome for keeping me posted on things like “Rain starting in 10 minutes” or “Rain Stopping in 1 minute.” It’s not 100% accurate but I’ve used it coast to coast and most days it’s dead on.
  • Sunset times…to the minute.
  • Miles walked. (Not important but it’s usually a lot.)

For Traveling:

  • Reminders to Check-In to Flights
  • Flight Status Updates
  • Scanning Boarding Passes
  • Viewing multiple time zones at the same time
  • Apple Pay
  • Managing whatever podcast, audiobook, or playlist I have going on my wireless headphones.

Occasionally use it for:

  • Sleep Quality Tracking
  • Water oz Log
  • Wireless “Trigger” for iPhone Camera
  • Recording Blood Glucose Readings

Battery Life

I typically wear my Apple Watch. from about 5-6am to 9-10pm and charge it overnight. Depending on the day it will have anywhere from 30-70% battery life left. If I want to, I can wear it overnight to track my sleep quality and then recharge it for about 1 hour in the morning.

4 years old and the battery life hasn’t declined at all! Quality much? I also still use/listen to my iPod Nano I bought in 2007. Again with the #teamapple


I have the original charger and just charge it on my dresser. I never did get a fancy stand for it.

I didn’t care for the factory silicone watch band and for a long time used and loved this Magnetic Stainless Steel Mesh Strap I ordered super cheap on Amazon Prime.

And then…

I walked into @sassypantsfortworth in Texas and heard the angels sing when I saw my @wildhorsewatchband. Almost had to arm wrestle @kenziegk for it.

Do you need an Apple Watch?

Idk. Do you love gadgets, trinkets, apps, and shiny things? Not forgetting you left the water running to the horse trough?

I’ve talked maaaaaannny a photographer or mom friend onto buying an Apple Watch.

Some love it as much as I do.

Others tell me (and this totally blows my mind) that they forget to wear it half the time.

Productivity & Efficiency

I love systems, routines, analytics, and data collection. I love that my Apple Watch. helps with all that.

I love wearing my watch and feeling “connected” without having my phone in my back pocket 110% of the time where I can subconsciously reach for it every 3 minutes.

I love my Apple Watch!

Copyright Lyndsey Garber // Ways I Use My Apple Watch

*Disclosure: Keeping it real around here. Sometimes (not always) the links in my posts are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. You will never get charged extra through affiliate links…and sometimes you’ll even get a discount! BUT you can always trust that I link these products or companies only because I BOUGHT them with real money and USE them in real life…and not because of any commission I may or may not receive from your purchases. Whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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